4 Contemporary International Furniture Designs

Are you like many others tired of the same old furniture styles? In this blog we present 4 international designs in contemporary furniture that you could adapt to make a unique style statement in your decor.

European Furniture

European furniture is an amalgamation of styles from other countries and time periods. Contemporary European furniture often incorporate elements of ancient Europe with beautifully curved wooden legs with carvings. Baroque relates to heavily decorated that was popular in the 17th and early part of the 18th century Europe.

Old world furniture is best complemented by antique accessories to complete the vintage look. The ornately framed mirror and the low hanging cut-glass chandelier above the glass top centre table enhance the beauty and sophistication of this Victorian style décor and furniture.

Contemporary Vietnamese Furniture

Vietnam is well-known furniture hub in Asia. A lot of Vietnamese furniture is wooden and is made from a variety of tropical hardwoods like acacia, teak, rubberwood, walnut and eucalyptus wood.

The furniture featured here is characterised by slim yet sturdy legs. The smooth finish of the uniquely designed dark wood side table adds a classy touch to the décor.

Contemporary Indonesian Furniture

Rattan furniture from Indonesia is world famous. Rattan is a vine growing in the tropical forests of Indonesia and is widely used in making furniture. Rattan furniture made by interweaving rattan vines together is a popular and attractive choice for both indoor as well as outdoor and garden furniture.

Rattan is lightweight, durable and environment friendly with synthetic rattan furniture being weather and waterproof too.

Rattan furniture comes in shades of grey, brown and black which help it blend in with a variety of decors. Cushions of various colours may be added on seating made with rattan for comfort and a dash of colour.

Apart from rattan, other woods commonly used to make Indonesian furniture include teakwood, mahogany, suar, rosewood and tamarind wood. The two well-crafted dining tables featured here with round and oblong tops in elegant brown tones and matching slim legged chairs for seating 4 or 6 persons comfortably, are sure to add that extra bit of charm to your living space.

Contemporary Chinese Furniture

Since centuries, the mysterious beauty, quality and production techniques of Chinese designs and artistry have been inspiring the world. The opulence and detail of the ancient times dominated by lacquered surfaces in red, gold and black have given way to more contemporary styles of furniture that are adapted to the modern way of life.

Contemporary Chinese furniture is understated and lightweight with clean cut metal frames which gives off vibes of simplicity. This ready to sink into comfy sofa in pleasing orange is well- supported by sturdy steel legs lending a modernist flair to your living room.

So, go ahead and add that contemporary international look to your home with any of these furniture styles from around the world.

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