Why Quality is our No. 1 Priority?

Faulty furniture can cause injuries and also lead to product recalls and loss of trust. Good furniture quality offers robustness, longer life, comfort, safety, value for money and increased self esteem.Hence quality control in furniture production is very essential.

At Shino, we go the extra mile to ensure that the products we sell are always top quality and pleasing to our customers. How do we do it? Read on to find out about our 5-step quality management process.

Material Control

Good raw material yields quality end products. We use a portable spectrometer to test incoming material. The right Nickel-Chromium proportion is key to better anti-rust qualities and polishing.

Our inspection process ensures that our materials have fewer sand holes or other defects that are usually found after polishing is completed.


The quality of welding directly impacts the durability and appearance of a product. Grinding is a process that removes welding bumps and gives a seamless finish to parts welded together.

At Shino, we do not cut corners by spot welding and ensure that we weld through 3/4th to the entire length of the product. This gives our products better strength and stability.

Our superior grinding process also gives a smooth finish to each of our furniture pieces.

Jigs & Templates

Jigs ensure that mass produced duplicate and interchangeable parts or components are of identical dimensions. Shino uses holding jigs during production so that the dimensions of all interchangeable parts are accurate.

Templates have the same dimensions as actual parts of furniture. Furniture templates are used as part of the quality control process to check if separately produced parts of furniture will fit into each other during assembly.

For example, in the picture below, the disc like structure on the right is a template having the same dimensions as a stone top that will eventually be made and fitted on top of the steel structure on the left.

Polishing & Brushing

Polishing and brushing are two important processes that give metal furniture its final eye catching, shiny appearance. Shino furniture undergoes multiple stages of polishing and brushing with imported wax so that the products you buy are outstandingly stylish.

Notice how the dull legs of the tables in the pictures have become more lustrous and attractive after polishing and brushing.

Inspection of the Finished Product

The final and most important stage of the quality control process involves the following steps:

  • Checking the weight bearing capacity of chairs and tables
  • Checking stability to see if furniture is wobbling
  • Checking if gliders are present under chairs and tables
  • Close inspection for any defects on the furniture surface or on the upholstery
  • Checking if the furniture packaging is adequate and sturdy shock resistant

We hope that the transparency on our quality control processes will set your mind at ease about the furniture you buy from us. We strive to deliver the best!

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