5 Ways To Light Up Your Home

The importance of lighting in homes and offices was once underestimated and often overlooked. Not anymore.

Did you know that mood and well-being are greatly dependent on the quality of indoor lighting? Light has both psychological and physiological effects and promotes sleep and influences the body clock.

Lighting is also one of the most important aspects of interior design due to its profound impact on aesthetics like colour choice, room size, furniture selection and on a room’s functionality i.e., whether the room is a bedroom, study or drawing room.

Not to forget that the use of correct lighting can save on electricity bills too!

Functions of Home Lighting

Home lighting has 3 main functions:

  1. Ambient Lighting

    Ambient lighting, also called general lighting, acts as the main source of light for a room. It illuminates the whole room and makes movement easy and safe.


    If a room in your house gets plenty of natural light during the daytime when the curtains are drawn open, then that can be considered as a source of ambient lighting.


    However, in rooms lacking natural light or after sunset, ambient lighting can be achieved artificially through light fixtures like wall mounted lights, ceiling lights and chandeliers.


    Ambient lighting should neither be too dim nor be too glaring. White ambient lighting is used for a cooler effect while yellow lights add warmth to your spaces.

  2. Task Lighting

    As the name suggests, directed towards a specific area to make certain tasks like reading, studying, cooking or sewing, easier.



    Table Lamp

    Task lights provide just enough contrasting light to prevent eye strain while doing work that require eyes to focus closely at a nearby point.



    Under Cabinet Lighting

    A table lamp and under cabinet lighting are examples of task lights.

  3. Accent Lighting

    Accent lighting adds drama and changes the mood of a room. It is used to highlight features of an object or area in the room. For this reason, accent lighting is commonly used in art galleries, shop window displays and to showcase decorative pieces at home.



    Accent Lighting In The Wall


    Accent Lighting on Artefacts


    Accent Lighting Showcasing an Area

Types of Lighting Fixtures

Today, the market is flooded with innumerable, attractive lighting fixtures. But we’ll list the 5 most popular and practical ones for you:

  1. Surface lights

    These are fixed on the ceiling or are wall-mounted and provide general lighting to the whole room. They are also used to light up hallways and passageways.

  2. Pendant lights

    Lights hanging down from the ceiling by a cord, cable or chain are called pendant lights. Pendant lighting is common in dining rooms and kitchens and homes with high ceilings.



    Pendant Lighting in the Dining Room


    Pendant Lighting in the Living Room
  3. Recessed Lights

    Recessed lights are also called indirect lights as the source of light cannot be see directly. This type of hidden lighting is fixed in a ceiling cavity and envelopes the whole room in a soft glow. Recessed lights are ideally suited for drawing rooms and bedrooms which call for a cozy setting.

    A combination of recessed, surface and task lights can dramatically make a room’s decor look very attractive.



    Recessed Lights in the Ceiling


    Recessed Lighting in The Bedroom
  4. Track lights

    Track lights are multiple movable bulbs fixed along a track. These can be suspended from the ceiling or surface mounted and can be used to showcase artwork or pictures on a wall or a specific area of the room.



    Track Lights in The Ceiling


    Track Lights Highlighting Wall Art
  5. Chandeliers

    Chandeliers are decorative and showy lights that are suspended from the ceiling. Chandeliers can be made of glass or crystal having intricate designs with numerous bulbs.

    These are most commonly used for general lighting in the high-end decor seen in hotels, malls and large offices. However, smaller chandeliers can be used in homes as well, to add a regal touch to the decor.


    These are just 5 types of lights that we have showcased. We understand that the sheer number of lighting ideas in the market can boggle you.

    If you’re looking to combine practicality, affordability and elegance and improve the aesthetics of your home, book a free online consultation for lighting advice and ideas on +91 84486 45362 or write to us with your queries on info@shinoindia.com. And don’t forget to check out our project gallery.

    As American film director and artist, Aaron Rose summed it up rightly – In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary!

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