7 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Globally, Covid-19 has deeply influenced the way we work and live. It has impacted every sector and interior design is no exception. As people started spending more time indoors, home interiors gained prominence and will continue to be so in 2022 as well.

However, with vaccinations picking up, offices are calling back fully vaccinated employees and travel and tourism are gradually rising. As a result, hotels and offices have geared up to go the extra mile to make their guests and employees feel safe and reassured.

Hotels and offices are increasingly recognizing that the key to guest and employee satisfaction are technology driven solutions on one hand and sustainability on the other.

In this piece, we look at 7 interior design trends to watch out for in 2022. Some of these have already made an appearance and will likely continue in 2022 as well.

  1. Sustainability

    With rising awareness about the human impact on the environment, hotels committed to planet-friendly practices such as the use of natural materials in interior design, energy-efficient lighting, provision for natural lighting and ventilation, the use of recycled material for furniture and the inclusion of natural greenery in the interiors and in the landscaping, are being noticed and sought out by guests.

    In 2022, this trend of eco-friendly interior design is only set to grow further as the pandemic has brought the human-nature interdependence into sharp focus.

  2. Local Culture

    To enhance guest experience and promote cultural awareness, modern hotels are seeking to showcase local culture through local art works, fabric and sculptures gracing the interiors.

    Given the uncertainty surrounding us, people are becoming more appreciative of a simple life and as a result, a calming and nature-inspired décor reflecting the simplicity of the bygone eras is sure to find favour.

  3. Redefined Workspaces

    After a very prolonged period spent working from home, it is but natural for office returnees to yearn for a few home comforts. Office design trends will incorporate hospitality elements such as sofas, beanbags, lounge spaces and a warm colour palette.

    With hybrid working getting the most votes on being the preferred way of working for people, instead of one large centrally located office, organizations can think of renting smaller office spaces around town to tap into talent from everywhere and reduce the commute time for everyone.

    If that is not possible, then spaced out workstations with transparent separators will become the order of the day. Employees will have rotating schedules or a hybrid model of work to avoid crowding.

  4. Maximalism

    Minimalistic interior design involves creating simple, uncluttered and functional spaces focusing on the bare essentials. Minimalistic décor is usually monochromatic which can come across as soulless. The pandemic had people adopt a minimalistic life and make do with whatever they had in the restricted lives they led.

    Maximalism is diametrically opposite of minimalism and is characterized by the used of vibrant colours and lavish use of aesthetics.

    As the world crawls back to life, hotels will embrace maximalism to attract people craving for happy, welcoming spaces. Offices too will adopt a warm and friendly décor to welcome back employees.

  5. Multi-use lobbies

    A guest forms his or her first impression in the hotel lobby. With online check-ins becoming the norm to reduce contact surfaces and due to the growing use of technology, reception desks in the lobby have become things of the past.

    The trend of hotels redesigning lobby space for multiple uses such as spaces to work, socialize, have refreshments will continue to grow in 2022. Hotels are paying a lot of attention to the aesthetics of the lobby area with some even making it the focal point of the hotel with lavish chandeliers, water fountains, green walls and indoor waterfalls. Cafés, pianos and bookcases in the lobby are also being appreciated by guests.

  6. Greenery

    Including ample greenery within interiors will not only increase the freshness factor and oxygen flowing through the space but also boost the mood and morale of people in those spaces.

    The therapeutic impact of green plants and colourful flowers on the human psyche is well-known. Green walls and vertical gardens are therefore gaining popularity.

  7. Technology Integration

    Pre-entry wellness checks are already in place at all public places including offices, malls, hotels, restaurants. Online check-ins at hotels will continue to be the trend in 2022 as well.

    Use of voice-enabled technology to encourage touchless entry and exits, place orders and play entertainment, use of smart sensors to adjust lighting, 3-D printing to design intricate furniture, use of virtual reality to explain architectural structures, conduct model house tours, test out wallpaper, furniture or flooring types, use of soundproofing blinds, air purifiers and other smart technology is set to rise in 2022 and beyond, taking interior design to a whole new level.

    As with all trends, these are but predictions of what possibilities the future of interior design could hold. Regardless of the way trends shift, you can trust our turnkey design solutions to ensure that your spaces don’t just get noticed, but are remembered for long.

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